WWIITanks ePrivacy Statement
What is a cookie
A cookie is a small file that your Internet Browser puts onto your Computer/Mobile to store information that can be recalled whenever you visit a website - each website you visit is able to create cookies that relate specifically to their website.

Cookies can be disabled in your browser if you do not wish the websites to store this information on your PC, however many systems will be unable to work correctly with cookies disabled, these are usually interactive systems such as Banking and Purchasing Systems.
Internal Services
Cookies are only used for processing our WWIITanks interactive service. These cookies are only used for holding transient data to enable the pages to operate.

The WWIITanks interactive system uses cookies to control access to pages and page layouts. This information is only used on the WWIITanks.co.uk websites and is not transferred to third parties. By logging into our system you agree to the storage of this data on your computer or mobile device. Please be aware that our interactive system will not work correctly without these cookies being enabled.
External services
WWIITanks uses the following external services to deliver adverts to our pages, the adverts are used to help provide a free service to general Internet users.

We use Google Adwords for the Google adverts to the right of the page and Google Analytics to anonymously identify pages viewed and show us which area of the world the users originate from. To see the Google Privacy policy - please click the following link
Google ePrivacy Policy

To help us to provide a free service to our visitors we may also use the following external advertising services.

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