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WWII Tanks Vehicle Data Sheet

Renault TSF


Scale Drawing not yet available

Armour Details






Gun Mantlet n/a

Effective Armour - Maximum 22 (mm) - Minimum - (mm)


Manufacture Dates 1917 - Unknown
Quantity Produced -
Weight  7.2 (tonnes)
Crew 2
M.G's small -
M.G's Large -
Length 4.08 (mtr)
Width 1.74 (mtr)
Height 2.15 (mtr)

Engine Details/Performance

Road Speed 4.8 (mph)
Cross Country Speed - (mph)
Range Road - (miles)
Range Cross Country - (miles)
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Capacity -
Horse Power 35
Power/Weight 4.86 (HP/tonne)

General Information

The Renault TSF was a light tank used by the french between 1917 and 1945.

The vehicle was manned by a crew of 2 and was 1.74 metres wide, 4.08 metres long, 2.15 metres high and weighed 7.2 tonnes.

Powered by a 35hp petrol engine the Renault TSF was capable of a road speed of 4mph .

The vehicle was based on the light tank chassis and was unarmed.

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