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These are 'Age of Sail' wargames rules based around vessels from the 17th and 18th Centuries, all our games are designed to operate on a 55mm hex based playing areas(sheets).

Very simple and fast moving naval battles for all ages using single or multiple vessels, these rules can be used with fleets of warships, or with multiple captains controlling their own vessels, or even Pirate actions (for those young at heart or who like Johnny Depp) .

This FREE game for those stuck at home by the Corona Virus is brought to you by:

'Neil at Galleon Games, 56 Ninfield Road, Bexhill, East Sussex, UK, TN39 5AB (01424 213634)' - one of the best games shops in the South East - please visit us when the virus is clear you won't be disappointed. We host regular in store games including 'Magic the Gathering' and 'Pokemon', why not ring us to find out when we hold these events.

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